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October 27, 2004
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Staffing Agencies, Job Trainers,
Search Agents, Administrators,
Owners and Employers!

Always maintain a current career section on your web site.
Collect and manage you résumés quickly and easily with YOUCANPOST.

Never lose a résumé again. No more rifling through multiple e-mails and attachments. Now all your résumés will be organized into one easy-to-manage system with YOUCANPOST.

Update Your Site Instantly.

You can update your site and then instantly view your changes. You never have to wait for someone else to program changes to the system because YOUCANPOST does all the programming for you! No program errors, no wasted time and no frustration.

You and your staff will have full control over what information is shown on your site and how that information is managed. There are no restrictions on your content, no multiple e-mail accounts to manage, and no limitations to what you can post.

Manage Your Résumés.

YOUCANPOST works “in the background” of your existing website by collecting and managing the candidate's résumés for you. Then when you want, you can review the candidates, create comments on their résumés, rank them, decide who to interview, and much, much more.

YOUCANPOST is here to simplify your day, and work for you and your staff.

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