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"Never lose a resume again. No more multiple e-mails and attachments. Now all your resumes will be organized into one easy-to-manage system with YC Post."

Create Job Postings Instantly on your company's website.
With YC Post you will have your own Job Board!


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YouCanPost Pro - Public Section - Thank you for visiting the YouCanPost Pro demonstration!
  • For the purpose of this demo you will have access to the two sections.
  • Currently, you are in the Public Section. To go to the Private Administration Section, click the YouCanPost - Private link.
  • To search for jobs, type in any keyword into the Search for Jobs area.
  • To view the full description of a job posting, click a Job Title or Job ID# below.

YouCanPost is comprised of two sections.

  1. Public – This section of your website will be viewed by job candidates and general visitors to your website. (This area is only shown in purple for the purpose of this demo.)
  2. Private – This is a strictly internal, password-protected section. Only you and your invited staff can add and modify job postings and view all candidate resumes. (All Private section pages are shown in green.) Also, for the puposes of this demo, we have suspended passwords.

...and remember that your version of YouCanPost that you receive will match the colours and fonts of your existing website for consistency.

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