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October 27, 2004
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Human Resources

Human Resources

How often do you update the career section of your website and how often do you WISH you could?

With YOUCANPOST you can update your site and then instantly view your changes. You never have to wait for someone else to program changes to the system because YOUCANPOST does all the programming for you!

How often do you advertise job openings in the paper, and for how long do those ads run? Would you prefer to post your job openings for a longer time to be able to find the best candidates and still keep your costs in check?

YOUCANPOST is your own advertising section. You control the content of your ads so you can modify them at any time without having to worry about print deadlines. You also decide when the ads get posted and when they should come down. You have complete control.

Or you may wish to continue your usual advertising methods (e.g. newspaper, job sites etc.) and use YOUCANPOST to collect and sort the résumés you receive online. Your job ad will drive prospective employees to your site so they can become more informed about your company and then apply to applicable positions. It is up to you.

Would you prefer to have a continual advertising vehicle on your web site so that you can constantly collect candidates' résumés?

YOUCANPOST is a persistent system. It collects and sorts résumés for you even when you don’t have a position immediately available. Then when you are looking for a new employee you can simply search your YOUCANPOST databank. Prospective employees who are interested in your company are already waiting for you!

Integrate YOUCANPOST into your web site and make your career section an active component of your search.


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